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New York

Project description:

This portfolio folder is a comprehensive showcase of my capstone passion project, an ambitious endeavor where I conceptualized and created a fictional soccer team to be part of Major League Soccer (MLS). The project represents a deep dive into the world of sports branding and merchandise design, challenging me to think creatively and strategically about how to engage fans and build a brand from the ground up.

Within this collection, you'll find an array of merchandise mock-ups that I meticulously designed, ranging from team jerseys that balance aesthetic appeal with athletic functionality to a wide variety of general merchandise intended to capture the hearts of potential fans. Each piece has been crafted not only to reflect the team's identity and ethos but also to resonate with the vibrant culture and spirit of soccer fandom. It also includes all the logo, marketing, mascot, and social media designs to go along with the brand.

Project Background


For my capstone project, I developed a comprehensive branding strategy for a fictional Major League Soccer team called the New York Empires. This project encompassed the creation of a distinct team identity, including the logo, mascot, uniforms, merchandise, marketing materials, and a detailed social media strategy.



  • To create a unique and appealing brand identity for a new MLS team that resonates with sports fans and the local community.

  • To develop a full range of branding materials that reflect the team's identity and ethos.

  • To design and implement a strategic marketing and social media plan that effectively promotes the team and engages fans.



  1. Logo Design: The logo was designed to reflect the team’s dynamic and resilient spirit, incorporating elements that are emblematic of New York City’s heritage.

  2. Mascot Creation: The mascot, inspired by the Statue of Liberty, was crafted to symbolize freedom and strength, connecting the team’s identity with iconic city imagery.

  3. Uniforms and Merchandise: I designed a series of uniforms and merchandise that blend traditional soccer aesthetics with modern design elements, ensuring high visibility and appeal both on and off the field.

  4. Marketing Materials: These included promotional posters, digital ads, and physical collateral that communicate the team’s core messages and upcoming matches.

  5. Social Media Strategy: I developed a comprehensive social media schedule, tailored to maximize engagement through regular updates, behind-the-scenes content, and interactive posts. The strategy was designed to grow the team's following and build a strong online community.

  6. Social Media Posts: I created sample posts for platforms like Instagram, demonstrating how the team could maintain a vibrant and consistent presence online.



  • Balancing a fresh and innovative design while staying true to the traditional elements that are well-loved in sports branding.

  • Crafting a social media strategy that adapts to the rapidly changing digital landscape and the diverse demographics of MLS fans.



This capstone project was a pivotal point in my academic and professional journey in graphic design, providing me with invaluable experience in sports branding. It prepared me to enter the professional world with a robust portfolio and a deep understanding of how to build and nurture a brand in the competitive sports industry.

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