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Project Description:

In recent years there has been a new web stories format has emerged, and is a growing market for motion designers to stretch their motion skills. These stories live on social media as “stories” embedded on websites and in search results. These are visually rich stories that embrace motion to help tell a story and inform the viewers. Regardless of where you interact with this content, one thing is consistent, and that is the automatic transition from one scene to the next. This media comes in various sizes, so you need to consider what platform you are designing for first to determine your size. Your challenge is to communicate information quickly and easily.


My process started out by researching a list of tips for traveling and making notes of the most important tips that I wanted to portray in this project. After I mapped out the exact motion that I wanted on each screen, I found the images that wanted to use. I wanted to be simplistic with my screen design because I did not have much time to create each screen. I know I have a lot more work to fix in the redoes, but at this point in time, I had to be simple with my motion. I had a little trouble trying to transition from screen to screen but ultimately was fine with what I had because of the actual sharp transitions on Instagram stories. 

Iphone Mockup:

Certain aspects of my motion I kept consistent throughout every screen. For example, the numbers of each tip have the same scale and position motion on each screen, and the text for each tip moving from different sides of the screen is consistent for every screen. When I had extra space on different screens, I used text to fill it and made the position move across the screen to keep a flowing motion across the screen. For the main motion on each page, I used images and gifs, I did my best to keep the motion as similar as possible to the other screens, so the whole sequence had some continuity. The format and story did not influence me to do certain types of motion, it was more the actual tip that helped me figure out the design and type of motion that I wanted to use. 

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