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Clothing design

On this page, I only added some of the clothing that I have created using my graphic design skills. In addition to being the apparel chair for my house, I also started my own clothing brand on the side called Official Vibes Clothes. Official Vibes Clothes is my passion project in life because it combines my passion for graphic design and fashion. If you would like to check out the rest of my clothing design, you can find my website under the clothes section on my resume. 

Design description

Below are just some of the designs that I created for my fraternity at Syracuse University. I was the apparel chair for a semester and had to put together a catalog of different clothes/designs for all of the brothers to order. Each design is very different from the next, but all required a lot of graphic work and editing. The majority of these designs I illustrated by myself and used my graphic design skills to bring my ideas to life on clothing. 

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