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Project description:

The real power behind motion design is in telling a compelling narrative. For this project, I picked two opposing words and animated them to show some sort of conflict. The problem that I was trying to solve while doing this project was animating an ampersand to show two opposing words. I decided to pick fire and ice, and I did that by using a surplus of different effects to make it look like the ampersand was lit on fire and then put out by water and frozen over.

Work in progress:

I initially choose to use full vs empty as my two words, but after realizing that I visualized an animation that was too complicated for me, I decided to switch. The first thing that came to my mind was fire and ice. I was really happy with that choice because I immediately envisioned a plethora of different effects that I would be able to use. I worked on this project over the span of a couple of weeks and split it up into two different parts. I figured that if I could create fire than ice or vis versa, then being able to connect them together would be easier in the end. So, before the draft date, I created the entire ice feature in the span of the first week in-between the animatic and the draft. After that, I spent another week trying to perfect the fire effect by following many different video tutorials. 


I only animated the actual text layer. So, I picked the motion based on how the effects that I used could change it. I used a lot of fractal noise and turbulence, especially in the fire motion. And in the ice, I used a lot of different layers on top of each other for different opacities and shadows.

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