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Project description:

For this project, I was given early access to a documentary film and was tasked with creating a movie poster from the files I had access to. The goal was to accurately represent the film and portray its storyline. 

Work in progress:

Below is the draft of my movie poster. You may not notice a lot of difference between this and my final, but I had to rework my spacing. Originally I over-designed and had too many illustrations that were not needed to portray the theme behind the move. I had too many overlapping layers that took the focus away from the title, the accomplishment of the film, and the block credits at the bottom of the poster. My main challenge was figuring out if I should illustrate something or use an existing image for the poster. Ultimately, I did not think that my illustration skills would be able to accurately represent a documentary film, so I went with an existing image that I knew would show the theme of the movie. 

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