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Project description:

For my project, I wanted to keep my concept simple. I didn’t want it to become a video that was too long and couldn’t hold the viewer's attention. That is why I knew right away that a 30-second video would be plenty to portray the elements of each project that I am proud of. I went for a very clean and modern design, focusing a lot on the actual flow from clip to clip rather than the actual look of the clips together. I knew that if I spent some time learning about Premiere Pro, I would be able to bring my vision to life and be happy with my reel. My concept was to go in order of projects from the semester but only pick out small parts of each project that can actually have some overlap and work well together.


Honestly, going into this project, I was very worried. I did not feel confident enough in my designs from the semester to match together and create a good reel to portray who I am and what my work looks like. As I began to piece this project together, my confidence grew. I knew that I needed to have a very strong logo opener and a very strong call to action closer. That being said, I did not have an animated or professional-looking logo that I was happy with, so I created an entirely new logo with animation to start my project. After the logo was completed, I decided to create the ending and call to action, so I knew that I had a very strong intro and ending. I was beyond happy with how both of those turned out. After that, I selected the parts of my projects that I wanted to have displayed in my reel. I had the parts of each project laid out in Premiere Pro and then began working on cool transitions and effects to help make my work stand out and have a uniquely modern design style. The effects in Premiere Pro were amazing and helped me bring my actual vision to life on the screen. It all came down to my editing skills. I grew happier with my actual motion moments and needed to find a way to edit them together and have some overlapping areas. Overall, the process required a few very late nights and countless hours staring at my computer.


Visual elements were the key to make my project come out the way I wanted it to. It wasn’t about the actual visual elements of assignments but how I created a clean flow between each of the clips. However, picking out the visual elements for this assignment were also very important. I reviewed all of my moments in motion before making any decisions, and ultimately the decision for each clip came from the advice in the project sheet to not wait for the pause but to cut on the action. I had to analyze each of my clips to see where I can cut in action and not be left with any blank moments.

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