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This is an introduction to motion, basic
animation principles, and keyframing.

Project description:

For this project, I decided to animate the Brooklyn Nets logo. My thought process before starting this project was to pick a logo that I was familiar with to have ideas already. I believe their logo has many elements I can work off of to include everything we have learned thus far. I also picked it because of its unique shape and the challenge it will give me to create trim paths to wrap around it. This project is meant to be a simple logo animation to practice my skills in Adobe After Effects. 

Icon in action:

I was fortunate enough to know somebody who worked in the video department at the Barclays Center and was able to test my animation on the jumbotron. This was very helpful for me to notice little things that need to be fixed or altered. I learned a lot from this project because it was my first time using After Effects so everything was very new to me. I think my biggest and most significant take away that I had was learning how to use trim paths. I used them multiple times throughout my animation to show the continuation of the project. 

Work in progress:

When creating this project, my thought process was to take every type of transformation that we have learned how to use so far. I didn’t want my logo to be too bare, so I made it something you would see on the jumbotron at a game. I also wanted to incorporate the culture of Brooklyn around the logo, and that is why I added the bridge in the beginning. My goal was to create one continuous transition till the logo, and the slogan end the animation. I started working on this graphic the first week of class before we learned about most of the transitions, so I did a lot of research on how to make cool and interesting transitions. When I have the time, I like to go above and beyond in my work. Each motion was picked to create a timeline for the logo or the slogan. My goal was to make everything flow well, so I put them all where they are for a reason. 

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