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Project description:

For this project, I was tasked with rebranding and redesigning the website for the Syracuse Poster Project. Their website was very outdated and needed to be touched up. I kept there same information but increased the usability of the site. I redid the home page for both mobile and desktop and the donate page for the desktop. 

Work in progress:

Below are my wireframes for the three pages that I recreated. For the final project, I did end up shifting things around and not using what I have below. The main point of creating these wireframes was to have a basic layout of what I wanted to put in to make it easier when I brought the pages to life. I did not add any text or images; all I did was lay out where everything would go on each page.  

Design challenges:

I did face a lot of challenges throughout this project. The biggest challenge that I had was the organization between all of my pages. This project required many layers, and it was difficult to keep track of everything without composing different elements of the page into folders. I also struggled with finding a color scheme to make the pages look more modern and up-to-date than the original Syracuse Poster Project website. Just like any project, I faced some design layout challenges but ultimately was able to figure out a way to make everything work. 

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