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Project description:

A brand new film/show is launching for streaming services. To get this show up and running, the product team (me) needs some design assets. These include everything from the branding for the title, promotional elements, social
trailers, and the opening title sequence that the audience will see when they hit “play.” The Title Sequence is often the first impression of the film and will ultimately enhance the experience of the audience and set the mood and the theme of the film within the opening moments. 

Promotional image:

In addition to a title sequence, I also had to create a promotional image, poster image, and title clip for my movie. Below is my promotional image, which took place at a bus bench at night to continue the horror theme behind my movie.

Work in progress

My thought process going into this was to find the best stock videos that could portray my thought behind the film and use that to tell the story in 35 seconds. I worked hard on selecting my videos and mashing them up after creating an animatic in works since I was not able to yet plan out what each screen would look like.


I spent about 4-8 hours on this project a week for three weeks. I wouldn’t say it is a very difficult project to complete or do well, but it is definitely very time consuming. I did the full version of the title sequence first because I knew that having that done would be a load off my back and would allow me to create the promotional image, poster image, and title clip much faster. The first two weeks of this project was the actual sequence, while the last week I spent the majority of my time on the rest of the assignments within this project.

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